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We’re Raveneye

IIT researcher and IT developer professionals collaborated to start a new company, RAVENEYE GEOSPATIAL under TIDE, IIT Roorkee(The Startup India Program by Govt. Of india). Our main goal is to provide geospatial technology solutions like Drone Surveying, GPS enabled Real-time kinematic (RTK) solutions etc. which can be fast, nearest to accuracy and pocket friendly.

We do understand that these technologies are very new and not every one has knowledge required to utilize these technologies. Thus we do provide survices to cross this hurdle, also if intresed to learn we do have courses where anyone can learn how to handle these technologies and gadgets.

What we do

We provide Real-time kinematic (RTK) solutions, GPS solutions, UAV solutions, Photogrammetric Solutions in Close-Range, Point Cloud Processing, Surface generation from point cloud and Digital Elevation Model (DEM) Leveling i.e. DEM generation from Digital Surface Model.

We also provide services like Map Publishing & Integration, Publishing drone image/Map in web, 3D Modeling & Visualization, Point Cloud Generation & Processing, Survey of work Progress Management.

Why Raveneye

Covering whole spectrum of UAV Surveys, maintaining accuracy level, providing services and conducting training sessions as per requiernment.

Recent development in technologies paved a new path in Infrastructure development sectors. However, existing solutions are mostly desktop software solutions that provides high accuracy but are not portable, customizable and pocket friendly. Also not everyone has deep knowledge to use these softwares. We provide solutions that make us unique from existing softwares. We at Raveneye provide:

Indigenous, Stable, Within Budget and high endurance products and solutions.

Experience, In-depth Expertise in concern field

Provide customize solutions

Latest technology of every component concern with UAV surveying

Our Services

Latest Technologies, High Accuracy, Affordable Price

GIS & GNSSOffering customized services and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Drone) softwares on demand.
DEM / DTM / DSM (SURFACE MODELING)Parallel presentation of DEM, DTM over particular map region for better interpretation and calibration.
MAP PUBLISHING & INTEGRATIONGUI that allow to view, edit, integrate data to map and publish the updated map.
PROCESSING AND PUBLISHING DRONE IMAGE/MAP IN WEBManufacturing UAVs in all the segments such as micro, mini, nano, small and large as defined by DGCA.
3D MODELING & VISUALIZATION Creating 3D Model of various objects and visualizing it over map along with relevent data.
POINT CLOUD GENERATION & PROCESSINGCloud Photogrammetry Processing
SURVEY OF WORK PROGRESS MANAGEMENTServices related to UAV Surveying, from renting UAV to processing and interpretation of images.

Our Products

Our UAV Training Courses

Mission Planning and Data Processing

Short duration course, focused on understanding UAV and UAS, its origin to how it is utilized in data processing and 3D modeling. This course is of three days which will cover both theoritical as well as practical aspects. Case study also included for deeper clearification. This course includes:

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Flight Operator & Data Processing

Extended version of course, covering understanding UAV and UAS, its origin to how it is utilized in data processing and 3D modeling as well as Flight sessions. This course is of five to six days which will cover theoritical, practical aspects and flight sessions. This course includes:

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